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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Garden stuff.......................

I am busy working on garden stuff. I am enjoying using up things that have been set aside for a very long time. I figure it's actually time to use some of the things I have collected over the years. That means a lot of beads...........I have a lot of beads. I made a wind chime today from beads. I had fun drilling holes in a piece of driftwood. Thought it was going to erupt in flames when it started to smoke. I have a Dremel and just learning how to use it. I can NOT imagine drilling rocks. That was what I bought it for. Anyway, last night I drilled the holes and today I threaded the beads. This is what came out.
 photo 20170701_142419_zpse9dpfwmz.jpg
 photo 20170701_142453_zpssdbdywkw.jpg
So refurbishing things.........I have these wings from a long gone fairy.
 photo 20170701_164112_zpsqamhryft.jpg
I am thinking Butterfly?
 photo 20170701_170829_zps01pcpvaa.jpg
I need to figure out what else I can add to it to make it look pretty.
I am not sure if I showed this on my last post but here it is again just in case. A Christmas ornament to replace the one that broke.
 photo 103_2407_zpsle0ggzk0.jpg
So next I went through my box of wood and came up with enough to make another one or maybe two wooden wind chimes.
 photo 20170701_164042_zpsthpfhmqb.jpg
 photo 20170701_164037_zps0or86ycq.jpg
Gonna be busy with the Dremel again. Some are drilled from last time but one pile is not. I also have a lot of bigger pieces to make the tops so I hope I am on a roll and actually get these done. I have not even started on the stones yet........I finished this one today
 photo 20170702_144010_zpslcqc5mqw.jpg
That one has a nice sound with the cow bell......and I added a heart crystal to my tea pot
 photo 20170702_145108_zpsmcdzmya9.jpg
It needs a few more and I do have some so will continue that theme but its too humid out there today. Phew....I am done for today.
 photo 20170702_145108_zpsmcdzmya9.jpg

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fixing things.........................

Money being tight this summer has made me look at what I have sitting around. I decided to fix a few things that have been cast aside either broken or rusty or something
I collected fairies one summer, little plant pot things that rusted and the paint peeled. I used nail polish and added glitter and fixed a few of those almost good as new.
 photo 9a76d0b1-8546-46a6-a9c7-88e419dcedbd_zpsxmo2j1qt.jpg
 photo 201706j_zpshjtnuqcn.jpg
There were several of those, some with wind chimes on them, some plant stakes and the ones like that one that hangs on a wall. They all needed a touch of paint and glitter to last another year.
I made a garden angel several years ago. She had wings at one time but those somehow fell off and got lost. They may show up some day. Meanwhile I am giving her a coat of paint and deciding if I want to give her wings again. She had two wooden spoons as arms. I will find two more and she can have arms again.
 photo 20170625_123948_zpsebcep3ay.jpg
 photo 20170625_123944_zpskfdxmkhk.jpg
I had an idea of what I wanted to do for her. There is an old chair outside that was used to hold up plants, like a frame. So I had Gerry make a seat for it and put on a back, then I will sit her on the chair once its painted and let her hold a plant with her wooden spoon arms. Thats what I want to get done tomorrow.
Here is Bodi watching her dad fix the chair.
 photo 103_2262_zpsdfqxfjm6.jpg
 photo 103_2263_zps9ddkhjrx.jpg
I need to paint the new wood on the chair I suppose and then I can attach her to the back of it.
At least with all the rain I have had stuff to do inside. I have my poor dining table full again. Two boxes of drift wood and now some boxes of stained glass crap. Several years ago now I made a bunch of stained glass wind chimes. Bit by bit they fell apart as I left them out all winter. I need to use stuff up so may as well get working on that again. As I said, I cant buy anything so will make something instead. Oh the ideas I have. I have to use up glass that I have. I can replace broken window panes in the "shed" (garage) it would be pretty. I have all the things I need to do it all.
 photo 103_2265_zpslanrwv5i.jpg
These are the broken pieces
 photo 103_2264_zpsq4dntmso.jpg
This is one of the originals. I will put that back together and maybe improve on it.
 photo glass 004_zpsqszpohaf.jpg
Maybe one day I will get my dining table cleaned off. Probably just in time to get the sewing machine out?.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


No money to spend on the garden this year. Well, except essentials that is. So I brought in all the old garden ornaments, the plant stakes that were rusty and dull. I have a lot of unused nail polish and found that a coat of that really brightened things up. I was being lazy and didn't want to get the paints out. Anyway, some of it had sparkles in. So..........I thought these fairies really benefited from a coat of varnish.
 photo 2017k_zpstb0jd4b4.jpg
 photo 201706j_zpshjtnuqcn.jpg
 photo 20170615_134743_zps03t5pff4.jpg
I figured that maybe next year I would be able to do better. Really I am happy enough without any now everything is more mature. Still, waste not want not right!
So with that in mind I looked for some old barrel hoops I had around. I found them and this is what I made.
 photo 20170523_173255_zpsci5xg7xa.jpg
I really liked that one.........I really wanted this and so was so chuffed to find that it all fitted together just so, it had nails and had holes so it all went perfect. The ball is a shine in the dark and was perfect. I have a few old copper pieces that have lost the glass parts and so I am working on those to refurbish.
I made a driftwood wind chime with some old cow bells
 photo 20170524_154505_zpsmc7ytani.jpg
I have a big box of driftwood that I intend to make more of those. I found a glass bell jar and decided to use that. Here it hangs over a flower basket
 photo 20170525_151854_zpsjdojepmm.jpg
This little stained glass leaf had lost its ladybug so I found a red glass bead and viola!!!! fixed
 photo 20170606_105826_zpskvqjrtf4.jpg
I also had this last year and on a shorter stem it went in a planter just so.
 photo 20170613_143821_zpsseak67vt.jpg
Anyway, that's the idea. My pictures are slow loading so I will sign off for now and maybe add some pictures after the fact.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Front Porch Update..........................

I have been trying to get the front porch updated for Spring. Once the snow left I waited for Gerry to get the vines down. At some point this year he hopes to work on the roof and porch. When the snow falls down onto the porch roof it is doing some damage and that has to be fixed. So with that in mind we decided to take down the vines. Now we won't have birds nesting. That would be sad except that now we have cats, I don't like the stress. Plus Mrs Robin got in a huff last year when I was working out ther and left. Why do I get the cranky ones. So now, it's all gone.
Meanwhile, Laura and I were out the other day and stopped in at the Thrift Store in Lake Leelanau. It's a nice one. Only trouble is they only take cash or cheques. So I was limited to what I could buy. I was out of cheques (so ordered some) and had very little cash. I found two bunnies at 2 dollars each and a basket for one dollar. I only had 4 dollars and 60cents. She let me have it so next time we stop I will make up the difference.
 photo 20170412_181502_zpsvtey7yjl.jpg
That one looks like Spring so I figure she can stay on the porch for awhile.
 photo 20170412_181506_zpsrttfq7lx.jpg
That one is a boy, he can also stay there for the summer. I also dragged out an old bunny that the poodles had been playing with, tidied her up and sat her on the rocker
 photo 20170413_135218_zpsdx90ihj9.jpg
I had folded a really old quilt on the bench and another thrown over. At some point I need to paint the bench, rocker and table as well as the little table that I use to get the mail. For now nothing is arranged too well I am just getting stuff out there. I put out some plastic greens in a hand made basket (by me) to give a little life out there. The big fake tree will be good when I put some rocks in the basket to stop it blowing over haha.
 photo 20170413_133817_zps6cjb1axr.jpg
This afternoon I sat and made some cushion covers for some cushions for the bench. I just grabbed some fabric that I would probably never use and did a very quick job.
 photo 20170413_133814_zpsfwb78fvt.jpg
The basket that I got for a dollar will be used for flowers as soon as I find them.Last year I had the flowers in a basket on the bench but not sure how it will all end up this year
 photo 20170413_133748_zpsbzqnut9m.jpg
I need to get into the shed/garage to find all my summer stuff. I did get the garden chairs out and need to wash them all but for now they are out.
The side table has an embroidered table cloth on it. It's really too nice for outside but better than sitting in a drawer I guess.
 photo 20170412_181514_zpsw8uavphl.jpg
I found this Butterfly last year at some craft place. It is made from spark plugs. Isn't it cool.
 photo 20170413_135222_zpsqnbxh0lb.jpg
I still have to find a wreath for the wall or the picture I hung out there last year. Now I don't have the vines to contend with I am thinking of hanging a couple of old windows with some broken glass designs on them. Or stained glass. Or maybe some glass balls. Not sure yet.................this is still a work in progress.
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thrifting with Edna..........

It was Edna's birthday on Tuesday and that is when we had the skunk incident. That by the way is becoming more tolerable by the day. Either that or we are getting used to it. I got in the shower this morning and when I wrapped my hair in the towel it smelt like skunk. I could not believe that. So grabbing new towels I finished my shower. Edna had to take her car in for an oil change so she got here just after 10am. The first things we did was to head out to "our" thrift shop. I found a couple of things. Better luck than the last few times anyway. This adorable little cup
 photo 103_0811k_zpsvkmqb8fm.jpg
 photo 103_0810a_zpsc696m9rw.jpg
I had one quite similar but it is a different pattern and shape
 photo 103_0812k_zpsty7tsryv.jpg
I was not really looking for any more cups and saucers but this one was irresistible. The prices in this Goodwill has really gone up. They have lovely things and it is small, cozy and neat, tidy and clean. Pleasant to go there. However, I am not going to keep going and paying prices like I would going to a regular store. Especially as I do not need any of this stuff and I do not sell it for profit.
I collect things, or should I say choose things with Violets on and so I picked up this cute picture frame.
 photo 103_0813_zpsrgnr2pur.jpg
One good deal was this plant that I got for the front porch. 4.99 for that. When I take care of it and "plant" it in a better pot it will look really cool.
 photo 103_0826_zpsu5bcyv8g.jpg
This tile is going to be useful for putting hot pots on and was 1.99
 photo 103_0817_zpsznykv2fw.jpg
While I was at it I picked up a pair of gloves for next year at 1.79. I had found this winter when I wanted to go skiing I had no gloves. I thought these would work well. I never wear gloves but these may be handy. I was going to get a hat too but decided to knit some.
 photo 103_0814_zpswiijay0y.jpg
Oh and this little tin angel for the garden.
 photo 103_0815k_zpsk7wfyp0w.jpg
Next we went to Quality farm and fleet. Edna wanted bird seed or something. I got caught up watching the baby chicks. I ALMOST got some. I didn't though because I am not prepared. They would have to be in the house and I don't have the right place to put them. Then there is the cats, yeh...........better be prepared first.
On the way to lunch we stopped at a nice used furniture store because I knew they had knick knacks. Not that I wanted any but Edna decided to look. I found some small glass ash trays for 6.99, there were 3 of them and they would be nice to put our very small blue stones in. Not much of a loss if I didn't keep them.
 photo 103_0816_zpsb5nsvzom.jpg
The other side of the road was the big Good Will, the Mother store. Going in there and checking prices against our little Boutique..........yeh, they have really hiked up the prices over there. That's not good. I mean to say, I like to "give" to a good cause and get a bargain but for example, a glass dish was around 2 bucks and at their boutique its more like 5.99. Some things I can almost get in the regular store for not much more.
Then we went to lunch at The Chinese Buffet at Edna's request. I bought her lunch and it was good. After that we remembered that Ben Franklin's was going out of business
so that was our next stop. Again, I did not need a thing and was very good. Edna found some bleached muslin for quilt backs. The prices otherwise were not yet really good at only 20% off so I resisted. Edna did get a good deal on the fabric as at least a yard at the end was all wrinkled and they gave her that much free and the rest 20% off and she said it was enough for two quilts. So a great deal there. I got some diffuser oils and wafers to put in the oils.
 photo 103_0819k_zpsrse8wa4j.jpg
I figured that may help with the skunk smell haha.
So that was our day we had a nice day on a rather gloomy gray day. Sort of sprinkled with rain turning to snow but nothing much. It may be worse tomorrow. Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be nice though and then I hope to work in the garden. I was hoping to go out tomorrow with Laura but if its still like this I will do some sewing. I am working on a patchwork quilt.
 photo 20170329_145059_zpsxp7mgjyf.jpg
If I stay home tomorrow then I can get more done on that. I have a blue for the borders I think, but not sure yet, may do a pale yellow instead. Anyway, Edna remembered that she had some casserole dishes in her car that her son gave her. She had no use for them and well, I could not resist. I have no idea what I can do with them but I love the colours and may swap out something else and keep these
 photo 103_0827_zpsb5zwscub.jpg
They will make some nice serving dishes at Thanksgiving time. I will have a struggle to decide what I will take out of the cupboard to make room for them. Hey, they were free how can I resist. Pyrex, the old sort. Only one had a lid though, but as I seldom ever use the lids anyway, I will probably be able to pick some up at garage sales or thrifts.
 photo 103_0828_zpsydhwj4ga.jpg
 photo 103_0829_zpsi66kwcxq.jpg
 photo 103_0824_zps1mvqmzpn.jpg
I think we had a pretty successful day all in all. I am very happy with the dishes because I love the colours. The big green one has a pouring spout and will be a great mixing bowl. Great day.
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